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Cheltenham Girls High School


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Cheltenham Girls' High School was established as a local comprehensive high school in 1957.

The school is located on the magnificent former residential estate of the Vicars family, a family linked to the early history of Parramatta. The school oval was recently named 'The Vicars Oval' in recognition of the on-going relationship the school has with Vicars' family descendants.

The school celebrates outstanding student achievement across the comprehensive range of interests and abilities as measured by exceptional results over many years in external examinations such as the Higher School Certificate. The school provides a quality learning environment which promotes the best possible educational, social, cultural and recreational development of the individual.The school enjoys strong positive community relations.

The school is committed to the development of social responsibility within all students. To that end a number of programs and initiatives focus on providing students with the necessary skills and confidence to make a significant contribution to the broader community. 

The school actively participates in the Premier's Volunteering Awards program, the Premier's Sporting Challenge and the Premier's Reading Challenge. Student leadership programs include Prefects, Student Representative Council, Social Justice Action Group, the Green Team, Sports House Captains:junior and senior. 

A recent student leadership initiative is the formation of a youth mental health awareness group called 'Cloud 9'. These students actively promote positive and resilent emotional health.The school offers gifted and talented students the opportunity to accelerate their HSC by completing 2 Unit Aboriginal Studies or 2 Unit Information Processes Technology for the HSC in Year 11.

The school has high attendance and retention rates and an exceptionally low rate of formal discipline instances. The annual highlight of school life is the school's Presentation Day held since 1973 in the Sydney Opera House.

The whole school joins in the singing of the chorus of Handel's 'Messiah' at the conclusion of the program.

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