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Renter's Agent

Finding a rental property should be hassle-free!

Whether you are located in Australia or overseas, our local colleagues in Sydney can help you rent the property of your choice.

Recent successful cases
​Step one: Understand your rental needs

First, we will discuss your specific requirements for the property you want to rent, such as your preferred location, budget, move-in time, and whether there are any necessary or preferred conditions.

​We will also ask questions about unclear areas to help you clarify your ideas and let us have a smooth start!

User comments
The agent who followed up my rental matter - David, was very satisfied with the service... The response was quick, no hard sale, and he provided advice from the customer's perspective. I am overseas and have never rented a house in Australia. Fortunately, with David's help, my family successfully rented a house before arriving in Hong Kong. This makes me less worried about having no place to live after arriving. If I need to rent a house next time /When buying a property, I will look to them for help.

Merine L

I highly recommend David and Common Realty.  David is very professional and he provides the best agency services that anyone can expect.  He provided detail information and guided us step by step in the whole process. With his help, we can settle down in the first day we landed in Australia.  It is really amazing.

Terry W

David worked as rental agent for us. He helped a lot to deal with the counterpart real estate agent. He is responsive and I highly recommend him to help on real estate matters.

Joe Kwok

David is an excellent agent. He is caring and meticulous, from understanding our needs, explaining the whole rental procedure, to the inspection of the apartment and arranging our moving in.  He always takes the extra step in his service. For example, when inspecting the apartment, he noticed that the former tenant had a cat, so he requested a thorough carpet cleaning and pest control before we even requested it. On the day we moved in, he gave us a few bottles of water and some kitchen and toilet rolls so we didn’t need to rush to the grocery store for these basic necessities.  He also provided us with a lot of useful information for setting up our apartment and help us to follow up with the landlord’s agent in various occasions. In short, he’s always putting himself in his client’s shoes. We highly recommend David and Common Realty for their Renter’s Agent service.

KY Wong

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