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1. What is a Buyer's Agent?

2. Why do buyers need a buyer’s agent?

3. Is the cost of a buyer’s agent’s services worth it? 

4. What makes a good buyer’s agent? ​

Agency plan

We provide different solutions to the needs of different buyers to bridge the gap between buyers and the market.

Option One
Inspection only
Go to the designated property for photos and videos, and no agent is required to be involved in the purchase process.
Service scope

On-site Photo and Video shooting
Property interior
- Property exterior
- Surrounding environment

Each Time


Option 2

In situations where a property has been selected, our experts offer further advice to buyers and guide clients on how to complete the purchase process.

*We only communicate with the buyer's side.

Service scope

Option 1


- On-site inspection
​- Property Appraisal
- Surrounding transaction history report
- Review building inspection reports and Strata reports
- Guidance on buying and selling process and negotiation suggestions

per property


Option 3
Full Service

Full range of agency services - finding and screening suitable properties based on buyer requirements and conducting a comprehensive property assessment. Help buyers negotiate with agents or owners and try to get the best results for customers.

Service scope

Option 2


- Tailored property purchase plan

- Search online, unlisted and off-market properties
​- Contact the selling agent and understand the sales status

- Negotiation
- Liaison with lawyers & contract follow-up


360 VR videos

360 VR technology gives you a more immersive understanding of the feeling of being inside the property.

AUD $300 per session

Attending Auction

Develop auction strategies and bid on behalf of the buyer.

AUD $800 per session

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