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Cammeraygal High School is a vibrant comprehensive coeducational school that caters to the academic, extra -curricular and wellbeing needs of students in the lower North Shore of Sydney.

The name Cammeraygal has come from the school communities' wish to name the school as an acknowledgement of the traditional custodian clan name of the tribal groups that have historically inhabited the North Sydney area. The process of naming the school involved consultation with our local Aboriginal community who provided the school with a smoking and naming ceremony to bless the grounds and future of the school.

The name Cammeraygal High School has allowed our school community to pay respect to the original custodians of this land and in turn has promoted values of egalitarianism and inclusivity for our students to live by in a spirit of continued reconciliation for our future.

The school commenced with an initial enrolment of up to 120 Year 7 students in 2015 and has continued to enrol other cohorts with each ensuing year.

From 2020 the years 7, 8 and 9 cohorts are enrolled at the school on the Pacific Highway site with years 10, 11 and 12 on the West Street site with an enrolment of approximately 860 students in 2021.

The school offers extensive opportunities for enrichment, student leadership and teaches our students to be informed and engaged citizens in the complex world in which they live.

We offer extensive opportunities for students to develop their interests and capabilities beyond the classroom as we foster a school environment that will allow them to take risks in their learning and henceforth grow their all-round potential and holistic capabilities.

The newly refurbished school is equipped with state of the art technology, performance, sporting and teaching facilities.

The learning spaces are designed to encourage collaboration and connectedness as our students engage with a highly differentiated curriculum that serves the needs of each and every student.

We are able to offer rich teaching and learning opportunities that allow for a focus on real world problem based learning that develops the student's abilities as critical and creative thinkers.

We have established a collaborative learning environment that provides our students a range of ways to express their voice and skills in a range of contexts.

These include a Student Representative Council and extra-curricular clubs that provide another outlet for their interests and skills to be developed.

We offer a range of extra-curricular music, sporting, debating, public speaking and STEM opportunities to allow all students to pursue their interests.

Cammeraygal High School is a proud local public school that teaches empowerment through the achievement of all round excellence.

We have a highly committed teaching staff that is able to nurture the learning and wellbeing needs of each and every student fostering values of respect, excellence and integrity.

Cammeraygal High School has an active and energised parent and citizen body that supports the school delivering outstanding outcomes for all of our students by supporting and enhancing our initiatives.

Our Parent and Citizen meetings are held on a monthly basis.

Cammeraygal High School is an exhilarating high school that continues to build our school culture and community collaboratively from the ground up.

Our school is proactive and responsive and will continue to evolve as a high school that caters to all round excellence and achievement.

As our motto suggests Cammeraygal High School has the determination of purpose to prepare our students to be 'empowered to achieve'

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