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Reuben Mak


Common Realty 創辦人

Reuben 擁有10年地產經驗,主攻住宅物業,對地產行業有非常深入的了解。

Reuben 對於地產行業的專業性和服務品質都有非常高的要求,讓他一直以來不斷地其自身和公司的服務更完善。


+61 4 2626 0524

Youtube 影片:



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Pak Shing Ho

Reuben's Common Realty acted as buying agent for us in last year. Reuben provided valuable advices , quick responses and had in-depth knowledge in property market to us. He is very friendly and helpful. We will definitely continue to keep in touch with him and refer his services to our friends in future. 👍😊🙏

平均評等為 5 ,滿分 5 分

Kelvin F

I've been working with Reuben in the last 5 years, he has a great team and they are always willing to go above and beyond for their clients. I recently sold my property with a tenancy agreement, there was some reluctance from the tenant at first but with Reuben's assistance we were able to get them to cooperate and achieve successful openings and eventually a sale. I would definitely recommend Reuben if you want a hassle free transaction and a professional team to deal with.

平均評等為 5 ,滿分 5 分
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