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Epping Heights Public School


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Epping Heights Public School delivers a high quality and balanced education in a nurturing environment.

The school motto, 'Success for All', is reflected in the school's programs and practices. A strong and effective partnership exists between the community and the school.

We provide an inclusive learning environment in which all students are supported to strive for excellence. Students actively collaborate, problem solve and engage in positive learning experiences.

Through quality teaching programs and a balanced curriculum, students develop the skills to be confident, curious, informed and inspired. They become learners who think critically and creatively. 

Our motivated learning community works together to achieve personal and school goals in a happy and caring setting.

Student welfare is a very high priority.

Social and emotional wellbeing and resilience are highly valued and recognised as being vital to the success of individuals and the community.  Our 'Program Achieve' explicitly teaches students the skills needed for academic success and social and emotional well-being.

Students learn the skills of 'confidence', 'organisation', 'persistence', 'getting along' and 'resilience'. The program which begins for all students on their first day  each year, builds positive cultures of success and well-being in all classrooms and across the school.

Our current Strategic Directions are:

- Successful learners, critical and creative thinkers.

- Highly skilled teachers, effective leaders.

- Informed families, inclusive community.

Staff members are dedicated professionals, committed to ensuring every child reaches their potential.

A broad curriculum across academic, sports and arts areas, together with access to the latest technology, provides opportunities for all students. Explicit and systematic literacy and numeracy programs ensure outstanding academic results.

Our school community is proud of the excellent public education we deliver.

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