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Epping Boys High School


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Epping Boys High School is a proudly comprehensive high school for boys.

A Middle School and Senior School structure recognises and enhances the learning and wellbeing needs of all students and is complemented by the Boys to Men Program which engages boys in learning, promotes wellbeing and builds young men who are connected to their community.

There is a strong focus on leadership, enhanced learning experiences and engagement.

All boys are encouraged to strive for excellence and foster a civic sense of responsibility. Epping Boys High School has a long tradition of academic and sporting excellence and enjoys a high profile in music and the creative and performing arts.

With more than 100 co-curricular activities offered and each year group involved in charity fundraising the development and nurturing of the whole boy is crucial to the ethos of the school.

A diverse student community with an Inclusive Education Unit and 57 percent of students coming from a language background other than English contributes to an inclusive and dynamic learning environment that is supported by an active and involved P and C with a strong commitment to supporting the strategic directions of the school.

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