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Chatswood Public School, established 133 years ago, is a dynamic school catering for a diverse student population from Sydney's North Shore.

The school is closely associated with the community, and programs reflect community as well as individual student needs. The school has a proud heritage of high academic achievement and supports special programs for gifted and talented students including Opportunity Classes (OC).

Tailored programs for students with learning difficulties are delivered. The school supports programs for Autism Spectrum Disorder and other disabilities, conducted within a Multicategorical Support Unit.

An extensive student welfare program, developed by students for students, ensures that our students' needs are catered for. The school has an outstanding English as an Additional Language/Dialect (EAL/D) program with a support teacher provided for each Stage. 

Chatswood Public School has an outstanding tradition in the Creative Arts and Sport. The Creative Arts incorporates programs in Music, Drama, and Visual Arts.

Chatswood Public School thrives on its music! We recognise that music education promotes discipline and self-control, improves students' problem-solving skills and self-esteem, enhances self-confidence and empathy, and it's fun! We have choirs, bands, string groups, a recorder ensemble, an orchestra, instrument lessons, and instrument hire. In our highly regarded Choral Program, students can join an age appropriate choir and participate in many wonderful school and external events like the Choral Concerts at the Sydney Opera House and the Schools Spectacular.

Children will have the opportunity to take part in PDHPE lessons each week given by a specialist Physical Education teacher. Children are individually assessed and graded allowing the program to be aimed at their needs.

In Sport, we provide 2 hours of fitness, strength, health and nutrition each week. Our sport program incorporates regular fitness, skill coordination and regular nutrition lessons that are all structured to achieve the best for your child.

Chatswood provides a variety of sport programs that include soccer, netball, cricket, AFL, tennis, basketball and modified softball. Accredited coaches give children the best opportunities to find sports that they enjoy.

The school has both Mandarin and Korean LOTE (Languages Other Than English) programs, enabling all students become Asia Literate. The recently established "Confucius Classroom" further extends our students' knowledge of Mandarin language and Chinese culture.

There are 3 Korean Bi-Lingual classes that operate in the school. Eventually there will be a Bi-lingual stream from K-6.

A program to assist parents to learn English has been developed at the school.

Chatswood Public School has received two prestigious Director General's awards for both Music and Multicultural Education.

Extensive extra-curricular programs are conducted at the school. These include: Chess Club, SRC, Chatzfest (short film festival), Art Club, Debating, Public Speaking, Drama, Nature Club, Science Club, Tournament of Minds, Dance, Robotic, Photography and Korean Intensive Course.

Chatswood Public School is committed to delivering excellence in the spheres of learning, teaching and leading.

Our School Community has recently developed a 3 Year Plan to prepare our students as worldly citizens of the future.

It targets three areas of focus and their associated projects:

Quality teaching and learning - Quality Teaching Rounds;Real Life Connections - Coonamble Connection; andShaping Creative Lifelong Learners - Problem Based Learning.

School Tours are held each Monday at 9:30am.

Please book through the school main office 9419 6127.



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