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Chatswood High School provides quality teaching and learning programs in a recognised multicultural setting for a diverse range of students with widely varying abilities and interests.

We are a proudly local coeducational comprehensive high school with an academically selective stream, an IEC (Intensive English Centre) and a support unit for students with mild intellectual disabilities. The school has an impressive history of success for all students.

This has been accomplished through the implementation of strong academic, arts and sporting programs delivered by highly qualified staff, committed to developing the interests and talents of every student. The strength and depth of our curriculum ensures that every student receives the best possible secondary education preparing them for a successful future.

Students are also provided with meaningful and challenging learning experiences in extra-curricula activities allowing them opportunities to excel and develop their talents. The school is also a leading educational centre for multimedia, design and music productions and features a state-of-the-art Soundhouse facility, one of only three in the country.

HSC students achieve outstanding results across all key learning and regularly attain ATARs of 90 or above in the HSC. In 2009, for example, 86 students received a total of 110 university offers to 11 different universities in either the main and/or subsequent offer rounds.

Similarly strong results were obtained in the School Certificate. Over 50% of our students were placed in the top two performance bands for all core subjects for the SC examinations.

Strong benchmarks have also been obtained in the school's NAPLAN results. In the past two years, our Year 7 students have performed significantly above the state average in the top two bands in almost all aspects of literacy and numeracy, with 50% of our students achieving in the top two bands.

Year 9 results are equally as strong with around 50% of our students achieving in the top two bands in almost all aspects of literacy and over 60% of students achieving in the top two bands of numeracy. The student population has steadily increased in numbers over the past five years in response to the growing community recognition of the quality learning outcomes achieved by our students.

Chatswood High School is at the heart of the community and values open and cooperative relationships with parents. Parents are active participants in their children's learning, resulting in a true partnership between the school and the family.

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