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Carlingford West Public School


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Carlingford West Public School provides quality learning programs in a caring, supportive and challenging learning environment.

Special emphasis is placed on the development of literacy and numeracy skills. The school reflects a high degree of community involvement and support of its programs.

Students are encouraged to become self-disciplined, caring and responsible citizens in our multicultural society and to use their You Can Do It! keys to success - confidence, resilience, persistence, organisation and getting along. The school is committed to, and nurtures, cultural and linguistic diversity.

The implementation of culturally inclusive programs foster tolerance, cultural identity, and a celebration of academic excellence in all students. We set ourselves high standards and regularly evaluate our progress towards achieving them.

We work closely with Macquarie University through our Professional Experience Hub agreement and have strong ties to James Ruse Agricultural High School and Cumberland High School.

Carlingford West is a comprehensive school with a balance of sport and creative arts to produce a well-rounded learner.

We need to continue to develop the whole child which is supported through a staff who embrace community involvement in our school. We have a strong recommendation for embracing the future and in order to do this we need to ensure we as a community are willing to explore and develop facilities which allow us to provide opportunity for our students to achieve their personal goals.

Vision: 'Fulfilling Potential, Achieving Excellence'

Motto: 'Only Our Best'

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